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that's not a lot of people came and helped us. the police department, teachers and family came to support us. >> we shall them as a community we support them. >> there surpassed their goal of $1,000. could what ought cu >>vicki: people protested outside the hyatt hotel. >>da: it was allowed, heated and passionate demonstrations. some workers accused this hotel of abuse in employees and paying below average wages. >> the tree like an animal. >> maria lopez has worked here for about five years and claims management mistreated her what she was pregnant. caught the wants of for a unit of this hotel. bill tush general manager says the accusations are not shoot -- are not true. >> we treat our employees with the highest respect. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every ste
us on monday for updates on the record date. will also happily this information on facebook in it twitter. the facebook has moved from colorado to the bay area. da lin tells us about his first trip since being elected into office. >> a sold-out obama fund- raiser at the fox theater. monday's event in a town oakland will be his first public appearance. the. >> them a secret signs and has this >> i think that it may affect our business. re-bath could miss some revenue but i think it is worth it to be able to have a president here. oakland police will shut down some streets around the theater and parking will be allowed during the day. about 2800 people are expected to attend. ticket prices range from $100 to $7,500 and. during his visit the president will also attend to other fund-raisers in neighboring cities. the tickets for those events are close the canallers per person. >> i am hoping he embraces the 99%. he needs to embrace us rather than alienate us. but >>vicki: the president arrived a run on a 3:00 p.m.. reggie kumar was there for the arrival. >>reggie: air force one
again. kron 4's reggie kumar is live where a home was broken into and he tells us about the advice authorities are giving people there. >> reporter: a home here recently ran sacked by thieves and police are encouraging residents to lock up before they leave. >> reporter: palo alto authorities say they are getting into the homes through unlocked windows and doors. you can see the garages were leftome -- open -- left open. the city is safe but people are forgetting to lock up. she lives on the street where burglars snuck into a home. >> people relax after a while but you can't because the rate tends to go up when the economy is bad. we have an alarm that we leave on. >> reporter: police say most of the break ins are happening in the northern part of the city. this is a map of the area. authorities have stepped up patrols during the afternoon hours when homeowners are at work. residents need to do their part as well. >> summer time, we know it is warm and nice out, but you have to make sure you secure your residents when you leave. >> reporter: a man was arrested for burgslerrizing a
conversation, he made me feel even more scared. she also said as a sheriff, this is an old -- she used the word old boys' network, and they will -- you know, cover each other, so you have to make an evidence. and you need something to protect yourself and fight, in case you get in a custody dispute. >> reporter: lopez made it very clear that she doesn't want anyone to take her son from her. she was only on the stand for 45 minutes. tonight she will be back on the stand at 5:00 tomorrow. being questioned by the city, but also being questioned by mirkarimi's lawyers as well. reporting live in san francisco, kate thompson, kron4 news. >> and mirkarimi spoke briefly to supporters during a break in that hearing. >> hundreds of people have shown their support. i just want to say thank you to all the people who have been showing their support. this is asking a lot of a lot of people who have come unplanned, it's organic, and i know just by the comments on the street there are scores of people out there showing their support. they feel that this has gone way too far. but i want to thank everybody who c
>>> the santa cruz city council voted tonight to ban plastic bags and the use of styrofoam containers. the ban would only apply to grocery stores and other retailers, not to restaurants. tell also require that these retailers charge commerce $0.10 for paper bags. and the city council has also voted to ban the sale of foam, including coolers, toys, and packaging the materials. the ban will not go into effect immediately. a second reading is required before it becomes law. >>> if you ever wanted to meet the commander in chief, monday could be your opportunity. president obama is coming back to the bay area next week, holding a campaign reception at oakland's fox theatre on monday at 4:30 in the afternoon. it is on telegraph avenue in the area close to bart. mr. obama was last in the bay area on the campaign trail back in june. >>> if you thought it was hot out this today, wait till you see tomorrow. all this pink shading represents temperatures in the 1 hundreds out there tomorrow. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the n
. the boy is recovering. christian chapelle was taken into custody in pittsburgh. reggie kumar joins us now. >> reporter: richmond police say christian chapelle unintentionally shot arturo franco. he was aiming for a guy driving a car. the younger victim had just left his school and was walking home with his mother and sibling when is chapelle started shooting. arturo and his family were just steps away from their home when the boy was hit. investigators were able to locate and arrest the alleged gunman through tips they received from the community. >> we had some call-ins from citizens in the area that provided his name, and our detectives did followup, and that's how they were able to identify him and locate him. he's on probation for previous weapons charges. at the time of his arrest, he had had an outstanding arrest warrant. >> reporter: authorities say chapelle is not cooperating with the investigation. >> there's no information indicating that it was any gang violent. we're still working on the investigation, trying to get as much info from the public and anybody else who might have
with the victims and -- firsthand with the victims and the people helping them heal. >> and stay with us for continuing coverage of the movie massacre. we have the details on our website. on we invite you to share your thoughts on facebook and twitter. >> temperatures were cooler out there this afternoon, but still warm in the inland valleys. near 90 in livermore and pleasanton, temperatures in the south bay were in the upper 70s and low 80s. same thing in the north bay. we are going to be seeing additional cooling as we move into tomorrow. the fog already returning tonight and will continue to push into our bay shores. because of that we're going to see additional cooling. temperatures dropping 2-5 degrees. >>> fremont police say burglaries are on the rise in that city. the number of breakins is way over what it was last time this year. >> reporter: fremont police say from january through january of this year, there have been 393 residential burglaries. 29 more compared to the same time last year. this homeowner is one of those victims. his home was burglarized in march. when he came ho
fourth annual fireworks show lighting up the sky tonight. reggie was there. he shows us the fun. >> reporter: thousands watched the 20-minute fireworks show live at the richmond side of the bay while the oakland east bay symphony played simultaneously. for the fourth straight year, independence day festivities were held indoors. people waited in line to get a good spot inside. patriotic music was sung by symphony singers, but this eleven-year-old stole the show. family members say they like being inside this venue, especially when it's cold and windy outside. >> i love that it's indoors. we can just relax. indoors is fantastic. it's such a beautiful location. >> this is the best fireworks in the bay area. >> it's one of those rare opportunities to get to hear a live symphony orchestra performing with a fabulous fireworks show. it really is one of the best 4th of july celebrations in the bay area. >> reporter: in richmond, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> kron 4's maureen continues our team coverage now. she shows us the preparations already underway for the big show in san francisc
people and injuring at least deadliest mass shootings in recent u.s. history. holmes had an assault rifle, a shotgun and two pistols, a federal law enforcement official said, speaking on fbi agents and police used a to reach holmes' apartment and discovered the unit was booby trapped. authorities evacuated five buildings as they determine how to disarm flammable and explosive material. >> make no mistake this apartment was designed based on everything i've seen for anybody to enter it, to be killed. whoever was planning on entering after this horrific crime was going to be a police officer. make no mistake, and if you think that we are a greek we sure are. what has happened in our city, and if you think that we're--angry we sure are >> this 100 team took four hours to dismantle all lease traps. they took the explosives to an undisclosed location and destroyed them. he is in solitary confinement with suspicion of multiple counts of first- degree murder and he is expected to be in court on monday. investigators believe that this was carefully planned. victims were being treated for chemical
district will be closed to cars. kate thompson is live to tell us what drivers can expect. >> reporter: this will be closed long-term, we're talking about five years here. it'll be this section that's closed right at stockton and geary where the closure will begin. and that is on monday. but this weekend, starting on saturday, they will start reorganizing and recruiting the side streets to deal with the closure. driving around union square, a crowded area, bustling with tourists and shopper, is going to get a lot more difficult. starting monday, a 2-block section of stockton street, past macy's, crate and barrel, and the apple store, will be closed to traffic for nearly five years for construction on the central subway. this map shows the portion of stockton street that will close down running from geary street to ellis. now the thousands of cars that use it each day will be forced to take a different route. traffic will be rerouted onto post or grant, which will temporarily become a 2-way. >> reporter: major stores along stoktip will remain -- stockton will remain open as construction
ridiculous." and michelle commenting "if fox or paramount is having a show i like, i'd still go. i'm used to living with the risks." we want to know what you think. head to our kron4 facebook fan page, like us, and join the conversation. >>> muni riders could experience service disruptions yesterday. supporters of kenneth harding plan to shut it down to mark the anniversary of his day. officers tried to detain the seattle man after he didn't pay a $2 fare. they claim police shot him after he fired at the officers first. >> we're not going to accept the police killing our children. we're sick and tired of it. we're threw. we're standing up, fighting back, and shutting muni down. >> reporter: this woman says police shot down her son and now she'll shut down muni to protest what she calls injustice. the family and supporters of kenneth harding will meet at 3rd street 6:00, monday morning to disrupt muni lines. they say the shutdown could last all day. >> we, the community, are sick and tired of seeing our children being murdered by police officers in this community, and we're going to stand
would use being american. and divorces are not happy and not easy. and when you talk about that, usually you are angry. >> you said you turned to ivory madison in this moment. >> she was not afraid of my safety at all. you have to call the police. "screw him." >> reporter: the attorney then asked her if she regrets making the video. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the ethics commission denied mirkarimi's request to subpoena city officials to prove mayor ed lee perjured himself during the commissions. the board will decide mirkarimi's fate some time after august 16th. nine of the 11 supervisors have to vote against the sheriff to remove him from office. >> lopez and her attorney made a brief statement as they left city hall. lopez says she wants to be with her husband again, and her lawyer said they planned to take steps to make that happen. >> it was great to see ross. and i just cannot wait, the moment we are going to be together. ross, you and me, here in san francisco. and i just looking for the day that i'm going to be just the sheriff's wife again. >> what i'm going to ask the judge to
advantage of susceptible groups of young people to feel they can use those buses as environmental party recklessly. that is what has occurred. >>vicki: the bill would have prevented alcohol if any passengers were under the age of 25. the bus driver be required to check ids in the person designated to for responsibility would be responsible for underage drinking. rack of our >>vicki: last friday a man was stopped for a dui and the detectives to go home and sit, where 80 of computers there were stolen from a school were recovered. >>brian: after a relatively mild weekend temperatures will start to warm up. tomorrow, much warmer and then tomorrow. here is a view of the bay bridge toll plaza. forecast highs for to are up 70 for san francisco, oakland in the mid-70s, 80 in san jose and 90 for santa rosa and fairfield. readings are up 5-10 degrees. >>vicki: suspect james holmes is scheduled to be formally charged in court. we will take a look at how his counseling with a psychiatrist could affect the charges. the latest batman film is sort of the competition, we will tell you how much the
us live from antioch. >> reporter: this fire station frequently sends up to 5 units to east contra costa fire calls. but that will soon change. county fire will soon only send up to 3 units to help east contra costa fire. the fire chief says they have limited resources and residents who live in this county need to be given priority. the chief says from july 1st of this year through the 9th, they responded at least 18 times to assist the east fire district compared to just six times during the same period last year. east contra costa fire has relied on the county since july 1st when three of its six fire stations were closed due to budget cuts. east contra costa fire chief said he knew this was coming. >> i understand what the chief has to do and the agency. everybody wants to help everybody else, but you also have to be able to have resources in your own area. for the month of july, we're running busier than normal, averaging 19 calls a day right now. >> reporter: they will cap their aid in about a month. east contra costa will have to rely on other jurisdictions for help. so resid
picked out this nice spot for us early this morning. so we're just so glad to be here. >> reporter: the fireworks show started around 9:30, and lasted about 20 minutes. charles clifford, kron4 news. >> reporter: thousands came to the sports complex, starting with a daytime sports party. preparations for the fireworks display were underway. folks began pouring to the complex to get a spot on the lawn or in the bleachers. 20,000 showed up here to watch the fireworks. city budget cuts almost forced the cancellation of the show. some local accident stepped up and made this dis -- businesses stepped up and made this display possible. >> you can catch our special july 4th show in its entirety with fireworks from all around the bay. also online, a slide show of your pictures and the storiless we've aired with the holiday -- stories we've aired about the holiday celebrations. >>> many people created their own personal fireworks shows tonight. hundreds of families gathered at logan high school to celebrate with a bang. >> reporter: it was a 4th of july celebration in the parking lot of loga
. the funeral is probably where it's going to really hit us. and i loved her so much. we always had good memories, from childhood, and everything. >> she was funny, outgoing, everybody loved her. she had a lot of friends. she was very family-oriented. and we miss her. i hope they find you, and i hope you pay for what you did because you left three kids with no mom and no dad. >> reporter: the police officer's association set up a fund to help the children who lost their parents. the information is our website, >>> bart's broken escalators continue to playing the agency and riders. this is video from six weeks ago when we covered this story when one of the escalators had to be shut down. it was closed because of an excess of human waste, which made the system inprabl. special -- inoperable. special crews had to be called in to clean it up. we went back to the civic center to see how things have come along. and jeff bush found out not much has changed. >> reporter: bart is chipping away at the problem, and about half of the escalators have been fixed, but several are still offli
to see the exact details because of the trees, they say. april mitchell tells us herrera had not been racing long. >> he's been a fairly recent jockey. it looks like he's run about 1,000 races. he's 33, so he's probably been in it for a couple years. and i know that he is from mexico. >> reporter: the last racing death happened in 1975, and mitchell tells me that racing will resume tomorrow. >>> a new development in the "speed freak killers" case. california law makers passed a bill which could allow this convicted killer out of san quentin for the purpose of finding the remains of more victims. the measure is heading to the governor for approval. shermantine and his accomplice were convicted of killing several people. he is now on death row. he drew a map to help investigators locate four additional victim remains and has maintained all along that there are even more bodies to be found. if the measure is signed by the governor, investigators would have until the end of this year to get shermantine's help. >>> a not guilty verdict in the trial of william lynch. he was accused of beati
. >> it will take me two days with the man power i have because i can't use modern equipment in here. >> reporter: in virginia people stand in line for free bags of ice. workers in the washington, d.c. area have been told they could take tuesday off or work from home. four governors declared a state of emergency and the concern is the death toll. >> our worry is the heat related rise. that is where we are vulnerable. a quarter of the citizens are without power. >> reporter: they are bringing in extra crews to make the repairs as quickly as possible. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>> the oakland fire department is starting rolling brown outs. kron 4's jeff bush explains why that is happening. >> reporter: fire station number one is the first station to brown out, that means it will not be staffed till wednesday. the brown outs effect most of the stations in the city. each station will be closed for three days at a time and other stations will respond to calls of service. >> the impact to response time. right now we are hitting a response time of 7 minutes or less. 90% of the time. we will continue t
to get back with us. wee so glad that the chief -- we're so glad that the chief has approved the process moving forward. we want to start hiring people, doing the transition, and getting into here next week. it's going to be a lot of work. people will be working 24 hours a day to get it open, but it'll be a lot of fun. >> reporter: the casino matrix says about 150 new jobs will be created when everything is up and running. >>> temperatures remained below average this afternoon, mainly in the 60s and 70s. we did seeew 80-degree readingse inland valleys. 87 in antioch, 86 in pleasanton, 83 in sunnyvale. temperatures in the 60s and 70s throughout the rest of the bay area of the the fog is mainly close to the coastline roit now, spilling -- right now, spilling into oakland. it is going to be quicker to clear back to the coast. less fog into sunday and early next week. >> coming up, a reminder from america's past, a sad past. the couple looking to get married turned away from a church because of their race. we uncover what happened. and the chick-fil-a controversy. the fast food chain wants t
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night. this live look from the golden gate. clear skies. and can we expect this in nice weather? let us speak with brian. it is going to be warm -- what do you think it will impact the beaches. >> take a look. who knows? however, i think that it is going to be foggy. we will see some partial clearing away from the coast. and temperatures not as warm as today. take a look made 90's. they're filled, antioch. we will cool off a bit. because of this right here. it is rolling into the baby. and look for low clouds in the bay. and along the coast. sunny, not as warm but i will time more about the forecast, coming up. >>vicki: this intense lightning storm over minnesota a just outside minneapolis. you can see the sky is lightening up. this tennessee store in weather killed people in the smoky mountains a least two people in the smoky mountains. one woman was hit by a falling tree. several others were hurt. other areas of the united states are facing completely opposite problems of record heat. there is an end in sight for this heat wave. people are counting down to a cold front >>reporter: sat
with all education, if it fails, education gets new cuts. if both taxes pass, then it keeps us where we are. we don't need anymore cuts. we don't get anymore new money. >> reporter: tomorrow will be an important meeting taking place on the ocean campus at 4:30. it will be the first time we are hearing from the chancellor and the board of trustees. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>> oakland police are looking for a gunman tonight who opened fire outside of a movie theater. 5 people were injured in a shooting outside the regal cinemas in jack london square. police say the five victims ranging in age from 15-23 were involved in a argument with the suspect and one of the people involved shot the five others. all of the victims were taken to the hospital. today police were back at the scene, gathering evidence at the theater and from businesses and they took the recordings from the surveillance video. as the investigation continues the shooting is another reminder of the crime problem facing those who live and visit in oakland. kron 4's dan kerman spoke to officials about what needs to be done. >>
. >> the parent said he didn't give permission for his vehicle to be used by people who were unlicense. >> reporter: skid marks are still visible. police say speeding was one of the causes of the accident. but authorities say beer was also found in the trunk. and at this point it is unclear whether anyone in the vehicle, including the 15-year-old driver was drinking. >> the california state department of alcohol was called in to help investigate this. >>> the owner of the vehicle said the beer belonged to him. investigators will make sure that is true. this is not the first crash here. neighbors say there have been a half dozen in the last 10 years. they say it is because it curves in this location. and drivers that are not paying attention can wind up off the roadway. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>> new tonight, the sheriff's department is looking for a man suspected of sexual assault. a 17-year-old female was running yesterday afternoon and she says a man exposed himself and tried to grab her. she got away and called 911. here is a sketch of the man. a white male, 30s, 6 feet tall, hea
kumar tells us the suspect was booked. >>> the 17-year-old suspect and 20-year-old victim are friends and live two miles from one another. the suspect and victim were playing video games online before the victim's mother heard someone walk into her home. >> i told him to get out. he had the gun aimed at me and shot at my son. i called the police, and he was stabbing my son. back, front, stomach. stabbed him with something. i am not sure, it could be anything. for this kid to go that far is the issue. >> reporter: her son was airlifted to the hospital. investigators found the suspect near his home. they say he tried to run but was caught. authorities will not release his name because he is a minor. the motive is being be investigated. reggie kumar kron 4 news. >>> cal states are among 10-23 universities it will accept admissions for the spring 2013. they accepted 18,000 transfer students however budget cuts are forcing administrators to accept fewer students this year. only students who earned an associate degree from a california community college will be able to apply. the campuses w
responsible for one of the worst shootings in u.s. history. >> this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00, starts now. >> police say they are just beginning their investigation into the mass shooting but they are confident the gunman acted alone. >> reporter: james holmes was arrested peacefully. >> police officers found thegonman in the back -- the gunman in the back of the theater. >> reporter: he was carrying a one ar-15, a remington 870 shotgun and two 40-caliber glock handguns. >> wearing the full armor. arm pads and leg pads. >> a helmet, a vest, tactical. places to put all kinds of gear and clips and it was bullet proof. >> reporter: police got a surprise. >> he had his hair painted red. he said he was the joker. >> reporter: in fact, some of the people in the theater believed he was part of the show. >> it was during a shoot out scene. >> reporter: he bought a ticket, left through an emergency door and properred itope -- propped it open and came back and opened fire. >> no one could see anything. >> i was terrified. i dove into the aisle and he started shooting peopl
they barricaded themselves in a home. the police department along with the s.w.a.t. team, chp, u.s. marshal's office and homeland security are attempting to negotiate a peaceful end to the situation. they are wanted in connection with a shooting in which they are believed to have shot out the back window of a police carmine officers believe they are armed and dangerous -- police car. officers believe they are armed and dangerous. as of monday evening they have closed down streets and are keeping people away for their safety. charles c, kron 4 news -- charles clifford, kron 4 news. >>> a young couple shot to death. pedro jimenez and marybel jimenez. police say the homicides might be linked to a domestic violence dispute. kron 4's maureen kelly talked to neighbors and they say the children were home. >> reporter: neighbors woke up to the sounds of fighting after 4:00 a.m. monday. >> you hear three or four gun shots. and five seconds later you hear three more. >> reporter: at the door the couple's three young children, 8-5 years old. >> i felt sorry for the kids. i could see them from here cry
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